About the Dance

A sacred gathering of inclusive connection to Spirit expressed through inspired eclectic contemporary music and freeform dance and movement held together with loving community.

Sundays 10 AM – Noon NEA Dance Studio
4th Floor Fitzwilly’s Building
25 Main St. Northampton, MA
Sliding Scale
$5 – 5,000!
We welcome all ages
and all faiths.

Please leave street shoes* and lengthy conversationsˆ outside the sanctuary. Bring your own drinking vessel, please. 

Our Intentional Format

Arrival & Fellowship
(first 30 minutes)
Time to connect socially with fellow dancers, meet, greet, and catch up.

Intention Circle & Dance
(10:30am on selected Sundays)
The Music Leader invites the dancers to connect in a group circle or with an activity. We often set a personal intention and share our names. For the duration of the dance, we agree to keep a focused, non-verbal space within the sanctuary so we can dance more deeply with our intentions. We encourage everyone to stay until the end. The Temple Keeper seals the sanctuary in support of our intentions, and asks any arriving after the Intention Circle to remain outside the sanctuary until the music ends.

Gratitude Circle
(11:50am selected Sundays)
The Music Leader invites the dancers to connect in a group circle to share in the “harvest” of the day’s dance. We encourage everyone to share with a compassionate heart, to focus on what we are grateful for, and to hold each other in the light. We ask that community announcements remain outside the sanctuary.

We donate 50% of our profits quarterly to disaster relief, community service, and global wellness projects.

* soft-soled indoor-purposed footwear used for support is fine.
ˆ brief greetings, non-verbal vocalizations, toning, & singing are fine.

Sorry, No Pets. Service Animals permitted with proper credentials and attire.