Temple Keepers

Our Temple Keepers are volunteers who have been trained to create and hold our sacred space.  Creating the space happens a little before and a little after the scheduled time.

Holding the space involves the responsibilities of vibe-watching, answering questions, and asking dancers to change behaviors, if necessary.  If you need assistance during the dance, please ask a Temple Keeper.

If you would like to volunteer to assist a Temple Keeper, please show up 15-20 minutes before or after a dance. We always appreciate help setting up and taking down!

Each dance is different, so altar style and placement varies depending on season, holiday or theme. Participants are welcome to bring items for display and charging on the altars during each dance. Remember to take your sacred items home again!*

* And we gratefully accept all donations of adornments or altar items. Please let a Temple Keeper or Music Leader know about your gift so we can express our gratitude.